succulent containers

  • plants for seating area pots

    Low-Care Plants for Seating-Area Pots

    If there is one hot plant group I couldn’t live without, it would be succulents. Their luxurious textures, shapes, and colors offer incomparable bold structure. I often create succulent gardens…

  • Sustainable hypertufa trough

    How to Make a Sustainable Hypertufa Container

    This video shows how to make a sustainable hypertufa container. These troughs are typically molded using a mixture of portland cement, perlite, and peat moss, but in this tutorial, I'll…

  • Casting a Concrete Leaf Planter

    Learn How to Make a Concrete-Leaf Planter

    In Fine Gardening #200, Lisa Roper demonstrated how hand-cast leaves can create artful niches for drought-loving plants like succulents (8 Ways to Create Crowd-Pleasing Containers). If you would like to…

  • two unique container plantings

    Tips and Tricks for Gardening in Containers

    Are you confined to a balcony, deck, or patio and yet yearn to embrace your passion for all things horticultural? You have no reason to contain your enthusiasm. A window…

  • Design

    Succulents Indoors: As Easy as You Might Think?

    You want to bring your succulents indoors, and who can blame you? Succulents are refreshingly offbeat, bordering on freaky in their physical appearance. Envision the botan­ical version of a rhinoceros,…

  • container full of blue succulents

    Container Creativity in British Columbia

    Cherry Ong has used unusual containers to enhance her well designed miniature gardens.

  • Potted Succlents

    10 Outstanding Succulents

    Skip the finicky selections and go for these unique yet reliable beauties

  • Succulent Topiary

    Make a Succulent Topiary

    Everybody’s growing these trendy plants—but not like this