structural plants

  • Favorite structural plants

    Plants That Provide Structure in the Garden

    In An Architectural Approach to Gardening, author, architect, and gardener Fred Bland explains how he moved from planning buildings to planning a garden: "Although I am an architect, this was…

  • structural plants in winter

    Structural Plants for Enduring Winter Interest in the Mid-Atlantic

    Mid-Atlantic gardeners don’t need to have empty gardens in winter. With some thoughtful designing and the right plants, you can obtain a garden full of structure and winter interest that…

  • Design

    High-Impact Plants That Are Cold Hardy

    In Taming a High-Impact Design, James Kincannon, a horticulturist out of Indianapolis, discusses how to marry dramatic structural plants with annuals and perennials to create a high-impact design that isn't…

  • Design

    Foundation-Friendly Plants

    Designing the plantings immediately surrounding your home is a tricky task for many gardeners. These plants are frequently viewed up close and personal by visitors and the UPS guy, so…