Spring Garden Inspiration

  • close up of Fritillaria flowers

    Bulbs in Northeastern Ohio

    Todays photos are from Kathryn (Kit) Jensen. I garden in a small suburban yard in Zone 6a in northeastern Ohio (South Euclid). During the pandemic it was a focus and…

  • Spider azalea

    The Best Spring Plants to Grow

    While our entire garden shines in spring, there are a few standouts that steal the show. Here are some of the spring-blooming plants that we look forward to seeing year…

  • spring garden

    A Garden Design That Peaks in Spring

    Our home, Tigara, is an Arts and Crafts bungalow that was built in 1913 and overlooks the Salish Sea in British Columbia. When we bought the property in 1991, the…

  • A shrub with huge pink flowers with tall purple flowers in front of it

    Charlene’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today we’re in the town of North East, Pennsylvania, visiting Charlene Kerr’s garden. We are located on the south shore of Lake Erie, in northwestern Pennsylvania (even though the town…

  • A bright yellow-green plant surrounded by darker green leaves

    Mary’s Spring Garden

    Mary Spencer is sharing her garden with us today. I have lived in Westminster, Maryland, for 22 years and have been gardening the entire time. My garden has been a…

  • Tall purple flowers growing out of a garden bed

    Tina’s Massachusetts Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Tina Bemis in Spencer, Massachusetts. This is the front of my house: the yellow, orange, and red garden. It has been in for seven years, but…

  • spring garden with big sheets of creeping phlox in bloom

    Sandi’s Vermont Garden

    My name is Sandi Marriott, and I have been gardening for about 30 years. I live in northern Vermont, Zone 4B. The soil is sandy, but over the years I…

  • A pink dianthus blooming in front of an orange heuchera

    Gardening in the Snowbelt

    We’re seeing photos of Deb Fitzgerald’s garden today. I live close to the buckle of the snowbelt in northeastern Ohio. I’m blessed with a woodland, a wetland, and a pollinator…

  • deep purple tulips

    Spring Bulbs in Marlene’s Garden

    Today we’re headed to Westerville, Ohio, to see a beautiful display created by Marlene Suter. When she emailed in these photos, she introduced them by saying simply, “I love spring…

  • english country garden in summer

    An English Country Garden in Summer

    During his time designing and maintaining this private English country garden, Istvan Dudas has wholeheartedly embraced the cottage garden style. Being a creative plantsman, however, he still leaves room for…