• Caesalpinias

    Tough, Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Southern California

    Even if we have a wonderful year of rainfall, we need to rethink our Southern California gardens. It’s likely we will have many dry, hot years ahead. So let’s use…

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    GPOD on the Road: Hatley Castle

    Today Cherry Ong is taking us to visit Hatley Castle in Victoria, British Columbia. This estate garden at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, is magnificent, regal, and…

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    Barry’s Dawn Gardens

    We’re visiting with Barry Friesen today, who is sharing photos of his beautiful garden, which he has named Dawn Gardens. Here are some photos of Dawn Gardens in Grass Valley,…

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    Gardening at Ocean Beach Park in Connecticut

    My name is Diane Smith, and I am a member of the 20-person Beautification Committee in New London, Connecticut. This is a city-appointed board, and we are all volunteers with…

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    GPOD on the Road: O’Neil House in Akron, Ohio

    Today Carolyn Hirning is taking us along on a trip to a beautiful garden she visited in June. I thought you might like to see photos from a visit to…

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    The Garden at Indian Wells

    Richard Roth of New York City is sharing images today of a garden he and his wife had to leave behind. Gardens are like life. Change is the one constant,…

  • Design

    Visiting the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden

    Patricia Eckels is sharing photos of one of the most extraordinary gardens in the United States today, which was created by Pearl Fryar, an entirely self-taught sculptor of trees. The…

  • variegated shrub

    A Variegated Shrub With a Long Season of Interest

    I vividly remember my first encounter with Japanese summersweet (Clethra barbinervis, Zones 5–8). The local arboretum had a few large mature specimens that I stumbled across when they were starting…

  • tough shrubs

    Tough-as-Nails Shrubs for Your Region

    Who doesn't love buying the flashy new plant that catches everyone's eye at the nursery? Or the plant that's just outside your hardiness zone but has always taunted you with…

  • Serviceberry berries

    Ornamental Edible Shrubs for the Southern Plains

    If you’ve ever stopped to appreciate an okra blossom or admire the lush foliage of a pawpaw tree, you’ve noticed that edible plants can be just as beautiful as ornamental…