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    Grow Your Own Salad Mix

    Growing salad greens is a satisfying short-term project that nearly any gardener can fit into their space and schedule. Most greens mature quickly and can be eaten at any stage,…

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    Grow Your Own Salad Mix | Video

    In issue #186 of Fine Gardening, assistant editor Carol Collins shows how to create your own custom salad mix. Growing greens isn't hard. Most varieties germinate easily, mature quickly, and don't…

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    Salad Days

    We've had a cool spring and rain so this year the salad greens are phenomenal. And I don't just mean lettuce (although I love the choices we have)... no ho…

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    The Salad Bed: Still Gathering Greens through the Month of May

    The garden is in the spring-changing-to-summer mode and so is the weather; time to get out there and eat the salad greens before they bolt in this heat!

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    Mix it Up and Grow Mesclun

    It's just short of a felony to smother mesclun with anything rich or creamy. It's like pulling those tags off of pillows (just know you've been warned). My favorite dressings…