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    How to Grow Pumpkins

    Easy steps to growing the king of vegetables

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    A Bit of a Squash

    Pumpkins and Halloween

  • taming sprawling veggies

    Learn How to Trellis Your Sprawling Veggies

    Cucumbers, winter and summer squash, and melons are infamous for sprawling beyond their allotted space. Attempts to contain the relentless growth of the Cucurbitaceae family by simply moving growing tips…

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    A Squash Vine Borer Story

    A short story documenting the events surrounding the dreaded squash vine borer and the damage it can cause.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Enough Pumpkin for 1000 pies

    Growers from coast to coast are spending every gardening minute tending their crops of 'Cucurbita maxima' in an effort to grow a pumpkin that weighs over 1700 pounds.

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    Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve by Carving a Pumpkin

    It's not too late to carve a Jack O' Lantern! See the detailed directions below—let your mood lead you to a grimacing pumpkin, a wicked witch—or even a tree of…