Plants for Wet Areas

  • ligularia in bloom

    Flood-Tolerant Perennials for the Northern Plains

    In the Northern Plains, heavy rains seem to be a more and more common occurrence, resulting in periodic flooding in our landscapes. While most plants cannot tolerate prolonged periods of…

  • Design

    Five Native Shrubs for Moist Spots in the Southeast

    In the Southeast, we can sometimes have wet years. The long springs of those years lure me into planting “just one more plant!” while I ignore the specter of summer…

  • Design

    Dora’s Swampy Oasis

    Today we’re in Jacksonville, North Carolina, visiting with Dora Compton. Here are a few pictures of my backyard oasis. Several years ago, I took an area that always stayed wet…

  • How-To

    Dealing With Excessive Rain in the Garden

    The National Climate Assessment reported in 2014 that storms have been dumping more and more rain, with some parts of the United States experiencing a 70% increase in the amount…

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    Episode 47: Plants for Wet Areas

    Mucky, soggy, squishy when it rains—all of these describe the ideal conditions for the plants we talk about on this episode. Not everyone has a pond edge to deal with,…