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    Packing Color in a Small Garden, Part 2

    Welcome back to Sharon Vickers’s garden in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We saw part of this garden yesterday, and today we’re back for more color! This is the backyard garden.…

  • Design

    Bringing Bright Colors to Small Spaces

    Tamara Kljaic sent in today’s photos from her mother’s garden in Rockford, Illinois. Her mother is a lifelong lover of flowers, and these are some of her favorite images from…

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    Mixing Art and Plants to Perfection

    Today’s photos come from Arlene Lopas. I garden in Zones 3–4 and have a variety of interesting Zone 5 hardy perennials plus annuals. I overwinter many plants in my indoor…

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    Packed with Beauty, Part 2

    We're back with more of Joanne Kenyon's incredible garden in Owosso, Michigan. I asked her how she keeps her garden looking so incredibly perfect. My favorite garden tools include a…

  • wire container with woven branches

    Use Branches to Add Color to a Container

    At Chanticleer, a public garden near Philadelphia, my main job as a horticulturist is to help create and maintain the innovative plantings that have made the garden famous. But members…

  • alpine planter

    Create an Alpine Trough

    The right plants, soil, and container mean that you’ll never have to redo this container again