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    Gardening for Wildlife

    Today we’re visiting the garden of Deirdre Gallagher. After establishment, this garden is designed to require very little water. Although it is still quite young, it is attracting many birds,…

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    Hoshigaki: The Art of Drying Persimmons

    Last blog post, I wrote about the gift of persimmons with a recipe for persimmon mousse and a smoothie. My daughter Lucie has a persimmon tree in her backyard and…

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    A Gift of Persimmons

    A few weeks ago, my daughter Lucie sent me a box of 'Hachiya' persimmons grown in her backyard in California. These sweet, delectable fruits are truly a gift--and my anticipation…

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    While I was in the Ozarks, I watched the persimmon trees (where there is an abundance of them in the wild) as the fruits turned orange and full fleshed, then…

  • Growing Persimmons
    Kitchen Gardening

    Growing Persimmons

    Mild-climate Asian varieties such as 'Hachiya' and 'Fuyu' have sweet fruits, lovely form, and gorgeous fall color.