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    Revisiting Tracy’s Garden

    We visited Tracy’s beautiful East Bay, California, garden last week, where we focused on her dry garden plantings of cacti, succulents, and other plants that thrive without supplemental water. Today…

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    Elle’s Connecticut Garden

    I’m always excited when Elle Ronis sends in photos of her beautiful garden in Stamford, Connecticut. If you’ve missed previous posts, you can see some here: Flowers Big and Small…

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    Summer in Lil’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Lil Holloway in Bedford, Massachusetts, looking back at warmer and more flowery times in the garden. When I look out the window at this time of…

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    A Passion for Perennials

    Today’s photos come from Martha Ruhl. Gardening is my passion. I’m really a novice and just buy what I like. We moved to the northwest suburbs of Illinois six years…