Partial Shade Plants

  • plants for partial shade

    Colorful Plants for Partial Shade

    If you need some ideas for plants that thrive in dappled sunlight, check out these options from expert gardener Mary Gore. She has created an amazing garden in the shade…

  • big leaf hydrangea with pink, purple, and blue flowers

    Hydrangea Myths Dispelled

    Here are some common myths surrounding hydrangeas as well as the truths that will shine some light on what to do if you’re faced with these circumstances. See our picks…

  • mighty pip

    12 Brilliant Astilbes

    Astilbe, translated from Greek, means “without brilliance.” Maybe the wild astilbes that earned this dismissive genus name were drab, but today’s cultivars offer bright flowers, great foliage, and steadfast performance…

  • Goldies Wood Fern 

    Regional Picks: Bold Plants for Shade—Midwest

    Finding plants that flourish in the shade isn't the challenge. Anyone can find a flock of ferns or a herd of hostas to turn their shade garden into a green…

  • Design

    How to Grow Trilliums

    Plant the best species for your region in fall for a spectacular display in spring

  • Honorine Jobert Anemone

    Fall-Blooming Anemones

    A perennial expert picks the cream of the crop