palm trees

  • silvery blue Cuban wax palm

    GPOD on the Road: Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

    Friend-of-the-GPOD Cherry Ong is taking us along today to tour a beautiful greenhouse. Serendipitous visits are fun! In a recent trip to Ontario, we saw a street banner that advertised…

  • close up of pink cannonball tree flower

    GPOD on the Road: Caribbean Gardens

    Hello, I’m Lisa Remby. I have shared photos of my Zone 6b Massachusetts garden on GPOD before  (A New Garden in Massachusetts). Recently, my husband and I visited two gardens…

  • various palm trees around a pool that overlooks a river

    How Tim Grows Palms in New York

    Today’s post is from Tim Covington, who likes gardening with a tropical flare—even though he gardens in chilly upstate New York. My obsession with palm trees and tropicals came from…

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    GPOD on the Road: South Florida With Colleen

    Today we’re on the road with Colleen. We’ve visited her home garden before, but today she’s taking us along on a tropical vacation. I escaped my usual New York winter…

  • Design

    First Year of a New Garden

    Welcome to Amy Derhalli’s garden! I live in Camas, Washington, on the Columbia River, Zone 8, at about 500 ft. elevation. This is the garden’s first year. It’s big because…

  • Design

    Recreating the Tropics Farther North

    My name is Eddie Walker. I started back in 2004 with a flat piece of land that was used for farming. I live in South Mills, North Carolina, just 45…

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    Florida Botanic Garden

    Erika Shank of Amagansett, N.Y., recently visited Florida and shared these images from the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden just south of Miami. This 83-acre botanic garden's main mission is to preserve…