Old Roses

  • pink flowers in a garden

    Extraordinary Roses for the Northwest

    When I talk to most gardeners about roses, they often roll their eyes. Yes, roses have been around forever, and here in the Pacific Northwest they are problematic at best…

  • Article

    The Beauty of Old Roses

    Today Nancy Mellen is sharing photos of some of her beautiful roses. Having moved into this antique home in Hingham, Massachusetts, 32 years ago, I have spent much of my…

  • Cécile Brünner rose

    28 Antique Roses for Specimens, Hedges, Containers, and Climbers

    Whether they traveled from the Old World with immigrants or have been passed from generation to generation right here, these roses have stood the test of time. not only for…

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    What Is An Old Garden Rose?

    You may notice people using the phrase Old Garden Roses. What exactly is an Old Garden Rose? We have the answer!