• close up of white anemones

    Celebrating End-of-Summer Beauty with Maxine, Part 2

    We’re back for a second day of enjoying the beauty of late summer and early fall in Maxine Brisport’s Rotterdam, New York, garden. Classic blooms of the late summer garden…

  • hostas and yellow flowers along a garden path

    Celebrating End-of-Summer Beauty with Maxine

    Today we’re in Rotterdam, New York, visiting with Maxine Brisport. Each year I gaze in wonderment of the beauty that graces my upstate New York garden—from the brilliant yellow of…

  • Calamondin oranges

    How to Grow Citrus All Year Long in Cold Climates

    Keeping citrus trees indoors is a dream for many gardeners who live in cold climates like the Northeast, especially through long, dark, and snowy winters. Many gardeners face the agonizing…

  • close up of begonia with red flowers in a urn container

    Helaine’s Connecticut Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Helaine McDermott from western Connecticut. Pink hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens, Zones 3–9) blooms behind a big clump of bear's breeches (Acanthus mollis, Zones 6–9). A beautiful clump…

  • garden with bright orange and red flowers

    Favorites in Francis’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Francis's garden in Hartsdale, New York. My hybrid hardy hibiscus (Zones 5–9) is a cross I made with the variety ‘Kopper King’. In front a phlox (Phlox…

  • late summer perennials

    Perennials That Bloom in Late Summer

    Even the most well-planned border can look a bit shabby or even colorless by mid to late summer. Gaps can occur for many reasons, such as long summer heat waves,…

  • pollinator plants for the Northeast

    Pollinator Plants for the Northeast

    Whether you have the space to create an expansive, pollinator-friendly landscape or just enough room to pot up a couple plants that are pollinator favorites, we can all do our…

  • close up of light pink coneflower

    Stephanie’s Coneflowers

    My name is Stephanie Stewart, and I live in Averill Park, New York. Lately I’ve seen a lot about coneflowers (Echinacea species and hybrids, Zones 4–9) and I’m not surprised!…

  • various foliage plants around an in-ground pool

    Lee’s Garden in July

    Today we’re off to the Mohawk Valley in central New York State to visit Lee’s beautiful garden. It’s midsummer, and I do believe we have a “bloomfest”! At times I’ve…

  • Sakonnet Plant Fair

    Tips for Attending Local Plant Sales

    Across North America, spring and summer mean that it's time to buy new plants for the garden, and while there are plenty of great nurseries and garden centers, real plant…