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  • spring planting plan northeast

    Spring Planting Plan for the Northeast

    In her article "Spring Planting Ideas," Michelle Gervais beautifully illustrates the magical time that is the start of spring: "Our winter-weary spirits lift as hints of green begin to appear.…

  • variegated pagoda dogwood

    Three Amazing Understory Trees and Shrubs

    While many of us think of trees as super-tall giants or stand-alone specimen plants, we also know that most trees naturally grow in forests and that forests aren’t all made…

  • grass paths cutting through lush garden beds

    Beate’s Vermont Garden

    Today’s photos are from Beate in Brandon, Vermont. Hello, I moved to Vermont from Virginia in 2019 and started to establish a new garden on a mostly empty 3/4-acre lot.…

  • backyard garden with orange flowers and lots of foliage plants

    July in Tingshu’s Back Garden

    We’re back in Massachusetts today, visiting Tingshu Hu’s garden. We saw her front garden in July yesterday, and today we’re moving to the back garden in high summer. Early morning…

  • garden bed along the front of a house with pink and orange flowers in blooms

    July in Tingshu’s Front Garden

    We’re in Massachusetts today, visiting Tingshu Hu’s garden. Tingshu has been sharing scenes from her garden at different times of the year. Today we’ve moved into July and are looking…

  • garden arch covered in bright pink flowers

    2023 Highlights in Fran’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Fran Cohen who gardens in Rhode Island: In the middle of my winter gardening routine, pouring over seed catalogs, reviewing favorite gardening books and old Fine…

  • close up of pink begonia withe small raccoon sculpture

    Summer and Fall in Maria’s Garden

    I am Maria and I live in the southwest of the province of Quebec, Canada, Zone 5. I want to add that my husband is in charge of the grass…

  • dog sitting in driveway lined with various plants and flowers

    Favorites from Moyra’s Garden

    We’re visiting Moyra Bunger’s garden today. I live near Syracuse, New York, on the banks of Limestone Creek. I've lived here for 34 years and have enjoyed turning the property…

  • late season plants

    4 Uncommon Trees and Shrubs for Striking Late-Season Interest

    Late fall and early winter can be a drab time in northeastern gardens. Most of the leaves have faded from the trees, and the perennial border is looking mushy and…

  • Design

    Tingshu’s Massachusetts Garden

    My name is Tingshu Hu. I live in Dunstable, Massachusetts (Zone 5b), but I love plants for warmer regions, such as canna (Canna hybrids, Zones 8–11 or as tender bulbs),…