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  • new trees and shrubs 2024

    The Best Trees and Shrubs for 2024

    No matter how large or small a garden is, there’s nothing like a few new plants to make the gardener’s heart sing. We’ve looked over the introductions for 2024 and…

  • best new plants 2023

    Best New Plants for 2023: Exciting Options for This Season

    Something unique happened this year when the editors here at Fine Gardening started reviewing the new offerings from various plant breeders: We found ourselves adding more items to our spring…

  • best new trees and shrubs

    Best New Plants: Trees and Shrubs

    Each year we do a feature in our big spring issue introducing folks to a slew of new offerings from plant breeders. But this is not simply a list of…

  • Design

    An Elegant Shrub to Add a Little Garden Drama

    The end of fall is the time to plan for the future of our gardens. Thinking about spring gets us through the upcoming cold, dark days. One of my more…

  • Collection

    The Best New Plants for 2020

    Truth time. This issue that you’re reading right now was put together months ago. Yes, that’s right, we’re pulling back the curtain, breaking the fourth wall, revealing an insider secret.…