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  • naturalistic shade garden

    Design an Engaging, Naturalistic Garden in the Shade

    Twenty-five years ago when my wife Kathy and I started searching for a new home for our growing family, she focused on all the qualities one looks for in a…

  • meadow-style garden in late spring

    How to Design a Meadow Garden With Multiseason Interest

    Naturalistic, meadow-styles are visually dynamic, always changing, and have long seasonality. They evoke the feeling of being in nature and spotlight natural cycles of growth to decay. Some public gardens…

  • garden with large, white and yellow lilies in the foreground

    Looking Back at Katie’s Garden

    We’re on Bainbridge Island, Washington, today, visiting with Katie Crain. I was just looking through photos from the summer and fall (as one does this time of year), and I…

  • growing knowledge mrec 2

    Sustainability in the Garden – Lecture Series

    Join us as we take a deep dive into the complex and sometimes controversial gardening topic of sustainability. This lecture series features four separate classes related to the overall theme.…

  • View of the house with a pathway with colorful flowers on either side

    Going with the Flow

    By the time we moved into our nearly finished home in June 2008, I had created The Plan. And I drew The Plan in ink so that it would be…

  • Design

    Moss Makes a Lush Carpet

    This easy-to-tend ground cover forms the foundation of a sculpted woodland retreat