Narrow Garden

  • Bird’s nest fern in a container

    Kathleen’s Chicago-Area Garden

    Today we're visiting Kathleen Hooper's garden. I’m a Zone 5b (maybe 6) gardener in the Chicago area. I’ve gardened all my life and in different zones in Illinois, North Carolina,…

  • Kindred Spirit oak

    Kindred Spirit® is a Tough, Slender Oak Tree

    In 1974, legendary nurseryman Earl Cully planted a thousand acorns from a cross of columnar English oak (Quercus robur ‘Fastigiata’, Zones 4–8) with our native swamp white oak (Q. bicolor,…

  • dusty pink daylilies in front of a small japanese maple

    Nicki’s Chicago Garden

    Today we’re visiting Nicki’s beautiful garden. I have been gardening my whole life and in my current suburban Chicago location for 25 years. These photos show a long planting bed…

  • A passageway with vertical shrubs, shade-loving vines, and woodland favorites like ferns.

    Plants for Shady Passageways

    The frequently used pathway along the west side of my house is shady all day. Wedged between the house and a 5-foot fence, this narrow space was once a homeland…