• clay soil

    Healthy Soil Is at the Heart of a Thriving Garden  

    Soil is a complex structure made up of mineral solids and organic matter interwoven with aggregates and open pore spaces. The open spaces between soil particles are just as important…

  • How-To

    How to Build Soil and Suppress Weeds With Sheet Mulching

    You may have heard of a technique in gardening called "sheet mulching" or "lasagna gardening." This technique has been touted as a great way to wipe out weeds and build…

  • sheet mulching

    What Is Sheet Mulching and How Do You Do It?

    If you’ve ever started a new garden from scratch, then you’ve probably had to convert some amount of lawn into a planting bed. There are several ways to eliminate turf,…

  • How-To

    Southern Plains July Garden To-Do List

    Reduce the mosquito population in your yard and garden. While mosquitoes aren’t technically a garden pest, they are a serious gardener pest. This is a time of year when we…

  • Design

    The Advantages of Pecan Shell Mulch

    Most gardeners are familiar with the major benefits of mulch: conservation of water, cooler soil temperatures, and a reduction in weeds. The first two benefits are especially important in areas…

  • How-To

    Mulches to Conserve Moisture

    When spring is as cold and wet as this one has been, it can be hard to imagine the soil will ever dry out. But here in the Northeast, we…

  • Article

    Should I Mulch in Fall to Protect Perennials for Winter?

    There is no doubt that mulching builds soil, reduces the need to water, and helps control weeds. But what does it do to protect plants from the cold? In many…

  • Article

    Making a Garden That Takes the Drought

    Ellie Gilbert of Plymouth, Massachusetts, sent in these photos earlier in the summer, when she said that they had been having terribly dry weather and the garden was struggling a bit.…

  • spring container with bulbs

    A Bright Idea for Spring Containers

    After the long gray of winter when most of us are desperate for color in the landscape, bulbs in containers can add a splash of brilliance anywhere it is needed.…

  • Design

    How to Create a Gravel Garden

    When you conjure up an image of a gravel garden, it probably isn’t very fun or colorful. Many people picture a sea of hot, dry gravel, some harsh, craggy rocks,…