• sunny perennial garden border with bright orange and yellow flowers

    Bill’s Pittsburgh Garden

    My name is Bill Goff, and I garden in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in Zone 6b. I am a retired musician. After retirement, I took the classes needed to become…

  • green lotus peony

    More of May in Carla’s Garden

    Yesterday, Carla Zambelli shared the abundance of spring in her Malvern, Pennsylvania, garden with us, and today we’re back to revel in even more of the beauty of this time…

  • shade garden with white flowers and variegated foliage

    The Merry Month of May in Carla’s Garden

    Carla Zambelli is sharing the abundance of spring in her Malvern, Pennsylvania, garden with us today. May means rhododendrons, azaleas, peonies, the first roses, and more! The garden is awash…

  • Design

    Julie and Mike’s Baltimore Highlands Garden

    Joe sent in today’s photos, which feature the beautiful garden of his neighbors Julie and Mike in Baltimore. The gardens, started 20 years ago, were built on a rustic farm-implement…

  • Corn gluten meal

    Suppress Weeds Organically with Corn Gluten Meal

    Managing weeds organically can truly be a challenge. After some experimentation, I have found that corn gluten meal (CGM) is showing very promising results in controlling the annual weeds that…

  • Design

    Kevin’s Spring Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Kevin Kelly. Good morning, and welcome to my garden in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b). I have posted on GPOD many times over the years (e.g., Review…

  • foundation plating of daffodils under window boxes with pink flowers

    Spring in Mary’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Mary Spencer. I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of my Westminster, Maryland, spring flowers. Named for Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame, lewisia…

  • patio garden with container planting on table

    Pam’s Pennsylvania Garden

    My name is Pam Zimmerman, and I garden in State College, Pennsylvania (Zone 5b). I've been gardening at this home since 2006. I have shade in the front of the…

  • close up of double-flowered daffodil

    Daffodil Season in Carla’s Garden

    We’re visiting with frequent GPOD contributor Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvannia today. Daffodils are now everywhere! It is so worth it to plant different kinds of daffodils not only…

  • I Am Happy clematis

    An Easy Approach to Clematis Pruning

    As gardeners look forward to the joys of spring, we often turn to pruning to exercise our green thumbs. Knowing when and how to prune clematis (Clematis spp. and cvs.,…