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  • close up of red berries covered in snow

    Snow in Carla’s Garden

    We’re visiting with Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania, looking back at her garden in January when it was transformed by snow. The winter garden has its own glory. More…

  • close up of golden ragwort with lots of yellow flowers in bloom

    Floral Sunshine From Barb

    This is Barb Mrgich, Master Gardener from Adams County, Pennsylvania. I have sent in several entries in the past. (Butterflies in Barb's Garden and Barb's Favorite Photos ) I love…

  • Wada’s Memory magnolia

    Magnificent Magnolias for Mid-Atlantic Gardens

    Millions of years of evolution and hybridization efforts by generations of enthusiasts have produced hundreds of magnolia species and cultivars. Our mild Mid-Atlantic climate is conducive for growing a significant…

  • close up of pink and orange ornamental grasses

    Impressionism in a Meadow Garden

    Today we're visiting TJ Mrazik's garden in Worcester, Pennsylvania. My home garden has won four Blue Ribbon awards from my state horticultural society. It is a naturalistic, meadow-style garden with…

  • spring planting plan mid-atlantic

    Spring Planting Plan for the Mid-Atlantic

    In her article "Spring Planting Ideas," Michelle Gervais beautifully illustrates the magical time that is the start of spring: "Our winter-weary spirits lift as hints of green begin to appear.…

  • small backyard garden full of container plantings

    Mark’s Apartment Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Mark Klempner in Philadelphia. I have a bit of a special situation: I live in a rental apartment with a substantial private garden. I'm in the…

  • Design

    Celebrating a Favorite Mum

    My name is Maria Clemente, and I live in northern New Jersey. Working in the garden design industry for over 20 years has inspired me to create several garden areas…

  • Design

    Andy’s Best Plants for the Winter Garden

    Andy Schenk of Malvern, Pennsylvania, calls his garden “Look Again Garden,” and today he is sharing some photos that will certainly make you look again, as these are some of…

  • Design

    January in Carol’s Garden

    January may not seem like a very flowery time for most gardeners, but today we’re looking at what was blooming in January in Carol Verhake’s garden in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Her…

  • small outdoor staircase covered with garbage bags

    Garden-Friendly Snow Clearing and Salt Alternatives

    In the depths of winter the focus on what happens under our feet is generally centered around staying safe and minimizing slips, trips, and falls on steps or walkways covered…