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    How to Grow the Best Watermelon From Seed

    On hot summer afternoons, we didn’t need much more than the shade of a mimosa tree and a watermelon to stay cool. My grandfather would split one open, spear the…

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    Miniature Fruits and Veggies That Tout Big Flavor

    In the vegetable garden, “Good things come in small packages” is more than just a cliché. While a standard eggplant or a soccer-ball-size cabbage makes a meal for a family…

  • Jenny and Chris Jackson of Jenny Jack Sun Farm, Pine Mountain, Georgia

    How Market Growers Make Gardening Their Business

    Market growers are horticultural heroes, delivering loads of fresh produce directly to local customers at farmers’ markets, community-supported agriculture (CSA) sites, and roadside stands all season long. These hardworking folks…

  • Various melons in a box

    How to Grow Melons

    One of the greatest tasty treats of summer is a sweet, vine-ripened melon picked from your own garden. The quality is unsurpassed and will put to shame the bland shipping…

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    Video: Squash Bug Control

    Here are some organic solutions to control squash bugs, featuring an insecticidal soap recipe.

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    Granitas Capture the Flavors of Summer

    Make refreshing fruit ices from your garden berries and fruit.

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    How to Grow Sweet, Tasty Muskmelons

    For the best flavor, grow long-season varieties, says melon grower Laurie Todd. She offers advice on everything from seed starting to harvesting.