late summer blooms

  • close up of tiered garden bed with brick walls

    Late Summer in Patsy’s Garden

    We’re visiting with Patsy LaHue today. My husband and I (80 and 84) have been gardening in Grand Junction, Colorado, since 1976, when the hill was nothing but 2,000 elm…

  • container plantings of shade plants under a tree

    End of Summer in Carla’s Garden

    We’re in Malvern, Pennsylvania, today, visiting with Carla Z. Mudry. She’s reflecting on the tail end of summer in her garden. The summer has flown by! It has been a…

  • Zimbelstern sneezeweed

    Wrap Up Summer With the Bright Blooms of ‘Zimbelstern’ Sneezeweed

    Sneezeweeds won’t make you sneeze, but they will make you smile. Their cheery blooms come along to make you happy right when summer is starting to wear you down. One…

  • Design

    A Compact Toad Lily for Late-Summer Blooms

    Toad lily (Tricyrtis spp. and cvs., Zones 5–8) is an Asian perennial often found growing in dappled, open glades, woodland trail edges, partially shaded slopes, or, in some cases, enjoying…

  • Design

    Tough Summer Stars for the Mid-Atlantic

    Drought conditions, high temperatures, and humidity make August in the Mid-Atlantic a tough time to be a gardener. The garden is looking a little crispy no matter how much you…

  • Design

    Bridge the Summer-to-Fall Gap With This Beauty

    If you’re searching for that perfect transitional plant from the purples of summer to the oranges of fall, look no further than this new perennial. ‘Bleeding Hearts’ looks nothing like…

  • Design

    Late Summer Color for Beastly Heat

    I have a special love in my heart for those plants that flower in the beastly heat of late summer in the Southern Plains. When you and your garden are…

  • Design

    Jewels for the Late Summer Garden

    Between the smoke from wildfires and relentless heat, I’ve almost had to give up being outside. But I came up with a plan that included a list of plants that…

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    Favorite Plants of Fall

    Depending on where you live, it is finally starting to cool off and turn from summer toward fall. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year in the…