japanese garden

  • view of Japanese garden from other end with various ornamental grasses

    Keith’s Japanese-Inspired Garden

    Keith Irvine, in chilly Zone 3 in Canada, shared his gorgeous vegetable garden with us last week (Keith's Vegetable Garden), and today we’re visiting a different section of the garden.…

  • view of the water fountain and statues in the japanese-style garden

    Dale’s Japanese Garden

    Today we're visiting a part of Dale Dailey's garden. In 2010, I decided to transform a quiet area in our large garden into a more contemplative space. In the spring,…

  • entire view of garden with large stone border

    Bob’s Japanese-Style Garden

    We recently visited Bob and Linda Vivian’s beautiful Pennsylvania garden (Gardening in Pennsylvania), and today Bob is welcoming us back to take a tour of their Japanese-style garden. This view…

  • waterfall and lake surrounded by greenery

    GPOD on the Road: Morikami Japanese Garden

    Today Nancy Mellen is taking us along on a visit to an unusual Japanese garden. I love the GPOD, and I thought I’d send pictures from my visit in February…

  • Article

    GPOD on the Road: The Gardens at HCP

    A good friend of the GPOD, Cherry Ong, is taking us along on a visit to another public garden. It’s exciting to visit a new garden, and this one didn’t…

  • Article

    Building a Japanese-Inspired Garden

    Today we’re off to Canada, visiting with Bas Suharto. We’ve seen Bas's home garden before, but today's garden is one that Bas created for a friend. At the end of…

  • Article

    GPOD on the Road: Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Part 1

    Today we’re on the road with Teresa Watkins, visiting a beautiful public garden in North Carolina. A quick two-day trip to North Carolina provided the opportunity to capture the beauty…

  • perfectly shaped shrubs

    Where’s Cherry? Burchart Japanese Garden

    Cherry Ong, friend of the GPOD, has enjoyed traveling to wonderful gardens lately and sharing incredible photos with us, so we’re starting today what is going to be a semi-regular…

  • Design

    A Japanese-Style Garden in Ottawa

    Today we’re visiting with Bas Suharto. I live in Ottawa, Canada, in Zone 5B. I have been gardening since 2007 when I was a student. Gardening in Ottawa is not…

  • Design

    Maples, Pitcher Plants, and More

    I had a chance last week to visit the wonderful Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of my favorite public gardens, with beautiful plants and designs…