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    Tips for Making the Best Compost

    The real superpower of compost is that it gives life to soil. Compost is made from material that is digested by organisms and microbes that occur naturally in native soil.…

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    How to Make Great Compost in the Southern Plains

    One of the secrets to a successful, productive garden is compost. Although you can buy commercial compost in bags or in bulk from gardening stores, it’s easy and enjoyable to…

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    Get Serious About Compost: How to Make More, Better, Faster

    Compost is not fertilizer. The sooner a gardener embraces this reality, the better. But gardener’s gold does have an undeniable importance in the garden: to feed the billions of critters…

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    Everything You Need to Know About Composting

    Many gardeners believe that utilizing compost is an integral part of creating a healthier garden ecosystem.   Why Should You Compost? Composting helps recycle organic material and food scraps that…

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    Demystifying Compost: More Composting Questions Answered

    Get the real scoop on your common questions

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    Cold Composting

    Do you need to enrich your soil? Turn old weeds, grass clippings, leaves, and pinecones into rich compost. Greg Speichert, Director of Hilltop Gardens at Indiana University, explains everything you…