Everything You Need to Know About Composting

Many gardeners believe that utilizing compost is an integral part of creating a healthier garden ecosystem.

Why Should You Compost?

  1. Composting helps recycle organic material and food scraps that would otherwise go to the dump, thus cutting down on waste.
  2. Compost helps establish a healthy ecosystem in your yard by feeding microorganisms that can in turn feed insects, which in turn feed birds, bats, and other garden helpers.
  3. Compost provides an excellent supply of rich, nutritious fertilizer for your plants.
  4. Composting is cost effective, saving you money each year on chemical fertilizers and other amendments.
  5. Using compost ensures that plants live healthier and longer.

Not only is composting an excellent practice for the reasons above, but it is really easy to set up your own composting area. The following articles will help with everything you need to know: from building a compost bin to care and upkeep. Whether you have a small space or a big yard, it’s possible to have a composting operation. Learn more below!

Still have questions? Check out this article on Demystifying Compost.



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