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  • Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon

    Regional Picks: Foundation-Friendly Plants – Southern Plains

    Find foundation-friendly plants for the Southern Plains below, and read the article by Nick McCullough for even more ideas: “The most critical aspect of your foundation beds is selecting plants…

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    Regional Picks: Fast-Filling Plants – Northern California

    1. Butterfly Rose Name: Rosa ‘Mutabilis’ USDA Hardiness Zones: 6 to 9 Size: 6 feet tall and wide Conditions: Full sun; tolerates a spectrum of soils Classified as an “Old Rose,”…

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    You Can Eat That!

    For years we’ve seen flowers used as garnishes. Peppery nasturtium flowers (Tropaeolum spp. and cvs., annual) add a nice bite to salads, and violets (Viola spp. and cvs., USDA Hardiness…

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    Regional Picks: Big Blooms That Don’t Flop – South

    1. Tiger Lily Name: Lilium lancifolium USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 to 9 Size: 4 to 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide Conditions: Full sun; well-drained soil This is not…

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    Regional Picks: Uncommon & Unfussy Plants – Midwest

    White skunk cabbage Name: Lysichiton camtschatcensis USDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9 Size: Up to 3 feet tall and wide Conditions: Partial to full shade; moist soil This is the…

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    Hardwood Cuttings Made Easy

    Did you ever love a plant so much that you wished you could make more of it? I feel that way about Japanese snowball bush (Viburnum plicatum f. plicatum, USDA…