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    ‘F. J. Grootendorst’ Hedgehog rose

    Rosa 'F. J. Grootendorst'

    This rose has large clusters of small, violet-red pompom blossoms with a spicy fragrance.

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    Fatsia japonica

    Japanese fatsia has very large, hand-shaped glossy leaves that glow in the shade.

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    ‘Betty Boop’ rose

    Rosa 'Betty Boop'

    'Betty Boop' is a bushy, upright, floribunda rose growing to 3 to 5 feet tall.

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    ‘Vanity’ Hybrid musk rose

    Rosa 'Vanity'

    This rose produces brilliant hot pink blossoms at the tips of wide, arching branches.

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    ‘Dorothy Wyckoff’ andromeda

    Pieris japonica ‘Dorothy Wyckoff’

    This compact, rounded shrub produces reddish-purple buds that first open as soft pink then mature to white.

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    ‘Marginata’ Black elder

    Sambucus nigra 'Marginata'

    This vigorous cultivar has attractive dark green leaves with yellow margins that fade to white.

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    Cut-leaf lilac

    Syringa × laciniata

    This graceful hybrid produces fragrant, pale lilac flower clusters up to 4 inches long in late spring.

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    White cedar

    Chamaecyparis thyoides ‘Heatherbun’

    This evergreen, coniferous tree has flattened sprays of scale-like adult leaves.

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    Fairy Magnolia

    Michelia x MicJUR01 'Fairy Magnolia' 

    A Michelia hybrid, bred in New Zealand by Mark Jury, with beautiful lightly fragrant flowers blushed lilac pink and evergreen dark green foliage.

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    ‘Buff Beauty’ Hybrid musk rose

    Rosa 'Buff Beauty'

    This fragrant rose produces generous clusters of double apricot flowers that fade to a soft yellow.