• long garden bed with topiaries and lots of flowering plants

    Jill’s New Zealand Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Jill Hammond. I very much enjoy getting your daily photos of gardens from around the world, most of which seem to be in the Northern Hemisphere.…

  • Irish yew

    Evergreen Hedging Plants for the Northwest

    Winter in the Northwest is a great time to appreciate the wonderful job broadleaf evergreen plants do in our gardens. They create structure in designs and act as windbreaks and…

  • A mature-looking garden full of plants with an umbrella, stone wall and small stone patio

    A Garden That’s Younger Than It Looks

    They never weeded a bed or planted a seed, but our four teenagers were heartbroken to leave the big garden of their childhood. Why couldn’t we wait 10 years? Where…

  • garden inspired by english garden design

    Adapting English Elegance

    It took about five years and two road trips through England before Anne Campodonico was ready to start her garden. True, the Kentfield, California, mother of three wasn’t in a…

  • low brick wall surrounding an elegant yet relaxed garden

    Where Formal and Natural Meet

    Everyone has been to a house that has a “do-not-touch” room in it. It might be a living room with plastic covers on the couches or a dining room with…

  • A fence surrounded by soft plantings

    Designing an Intimate Space

    Many people like to have a garden for entertaining, but most of us also want our gardens to be a spot where we relax and get away from it all.…

  • trimming boxwoods

    How to Trim a Formal Hedge

    For straight sides and a flat top, use stakes and string as a guide

  • Plant Guide

    Black elder

    Sambucus nigra

    Black elder forms an upright and bushy, but somewhat coarse, shrub with toothed green leaves.

  • Plant Guide

    Littleleaf cordia

    Cordia parvifolia

    Though its leaves are small, this semi-deciduous shrub stands out in the landscape.

  • Plant Guide

    Flower Carpet® Pink Supreme

    Rosa × ‘NOA168098F’

    Each bush is covered in a mass explosion of vivid pink blooms all summer long.