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    Arilbred Iris

    Iris Germanica

    Arilbred amoena has a Mohr-type form. Red-brown falls, with yellow beards and greyed, sun-flecked standards. Yellow style arms add to the luster.

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    Chilean Prickly Rhubarb

    Gunnera tinctoria

    Enormous, puckered leaves of this tropical, prehistoric plant emerge in spring, reaching six feet across or more, creating a dramatic waterside or greenhouse specimen. In late spring, a robust stalk…

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    ‘Goldsturm’ black-eyed Susan

    Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm'

    Large flowers consisting of brassy orange-yellow rays surrounding brown cones are what make this plant so popular.

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    Fatsia japonica

    Japanese fatsia has very large, hand-shaped glossy leaves that glow in the shade.

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    ‘Sunset’ coneflower

    Echinacea 'Sunset'

    This is one of the exceptional Big Sky™ series ( E.

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    Red bunny tails

    Pennisetum messiacum 'Red Buttons'

    This annual produces deep reddish-black flowers that resemble rabbits' tails.

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    ‘Geisha’s Fan’ heuchera

    Heuchera 'Geisha's Fan'

    This heuchera has dusky purple leaves with charcoal veins, overlaid with silver between the veins.

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    Prairie trillium

    Trillium recurvatum

    This is one of the first and most plentiful Trilliums to bloom in the spring.

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    Piggyback plant

    Tolmiea menziesii ‘Taff’s Gold’

    With its mottled cream/green foliage, 'Taff's Gold' can brighten any dark garden area.

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    Pearl millet

    Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty'

    This cultivar of pearl millet has wide, deep purple foliage and stems.