• formal stone fountain at edge of garden

    Kathy’s Design for Her Son’s Los Angeles Garden

    Kathy Sandel, a retired garden designer in California, has shared her former (Kathy's Calabasas Garden) and current (Kathy's Garden Transformation in Sacramento) home gardens, and today she’s sharing pictures of…

  • close up of succulents and ground covers planted in front yard

    Kathy’s Garden Design for Her Daughter

    Kathy Sandel has shared her gardens with us before (More of Kathy's Calabasas Garden, Kathy's Garden Transformation in Sacramento), but today she’s sharing the garden she created for her daughter…

  • long garden path with bridge that cuts through garden beds and small pond

    Garden of the Kings

    My name is Joanne Guerriero, and this is the garden created by my dad, Donald King, age 88. It's located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a 6B zone. Nineteen years ago…

  • garden paths and patio illuminated at night

    The Garden at Night

    Today we’re in Raleigh, North Carolina, visiting with John Matthews. I am an avid gardener, and while my gardens show very well during the day, I really like the fact…

  • Photo: doreenwynja.com

    A Landscape Plan for a Challenging Area and Conditions

    Despite our best efforts, we humans can’t do it all. Life in the 21st century often moves at a busy pace and is jam-packed with responsibilities and wonderfully abundant ways…

  • wider view of garden transformation and surrounding garden beds

    DeBorrah’s Garden Sanctuary

    My name is DeBorrah Tibbs. I live in the hot Georgia Peach state in Smyrna. Gardening is my passion and is ever changing. I have gardened most of my life,…

  • making garden pathways

    Making Your Garden Beautiful and Functional With Pathways

    No matter the size, style, or location of your cultivated patch of paradise, at the heart of every great garden is at least one pathway. These essential areas are an…

  • small, simple stone and stump sculpture

    GPOD on the Road: Garden Tour in Toronto

    We’re with Cherry Ong today, tagging along on a garden tour she did earlier this year during a trip to the Toronto area. According to the brochure Cherry received for…

  • garden beds with pink, purple, and yellow flowers

    Return to Zita’s Garden

    Today we’re in Evanston, Illinois (just outside Chicago), visiting with Zita Swindells. A few years back I sent in pictures of my postconstruction garden (Surviving Construction in the Garden)—nice bones,…

  • stone garden

    Create a Water-Wise Garden With Stone

    As water becomes a critical issue in Southern California, it has become imperative to seek a new definition of what gardening is about and what we want our landscapes to…