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    Tips for Growing Vegetables in the Hottest Regions

    Growing your own food is nothing new. The idea of providing fresh, organic fruits and veggies for your family has become a popular ideal for many. Growing vegetables even in…

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    The Abundance of Gardens

    Carolyn shared photos of the beauty to be found in nature recently (Mother Nature's Garden), but in light of the coronavirus uncertainty, she sent in another batch of images to…

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    Starting Fall and Winter Vegetables From Seed

    By midsummer you should be knee-deep in tomatoes, beans, zucchini, and peppers, so it can be hard to remind yourself to shop for seeds for your next season of vegetable…

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    It’s Easy to Grow Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas, Zones 10–12) are fun and very easy to grow as long as you have enough space for their vigorous vines. At the season’s end, the plants…

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    5 Terrific Tomatoes for Northern California

    There’s nothing like the psychological boost obtained when planting the first tomato of the year out in the garden - the touch of fragrant foliage, the joy of watching your…

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    How to Grow Beets

    I suppose beets might be appreciated more if they hung from trees like apples instead of spending their lives in the soil. Glistening in the sunlight in colors ranging from…

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    Keep Your Veggie Garden Growing

    Most gardeners are used to growing or buying spring seedlings to establish their vegetable gardens. But what happens when spring is over and early crops have been harvested? After the…

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    How to Grow Asparagus

    As a perennial, asparagus requires more up-front investment than any other vege­table. But the long-term payoff is that, once established, an asparagus bed can, with minimal maintenance, produce for 15…

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    Best Vegetables for the Southern Plains U.S.

    Southern Plains Vegetable Picks Top Pick   ‘Giant Caesar’ lettuce proves that bigger is better Days to maturity: 70 This romaine lettuce is known for its size: The large, deep-green…

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    The Secret to Big Homegrown Onions

    The number one factor for success is being aware of your latitude.