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  • cherry tomatoes
    Kitchen Gardening

    Tips to Grow Better Cherry Tomatoes in Northern California

    Though technically a fruit, the tomato is the most popular homegrown vegetable, with thousands of tasty varieties available for the kitchen gardener to choose from. Tomatoes can range from big…

  • Early blight symptoms

    How to Identify and Combat Tomato Blights

    Each year as spring warms into summer, verdant vegetables hold the attention of many an eager gardener. As growers monitor their tomato plants, they may ­notice scattered yellow spotting, a…

  • red and yellow tomatoes

    Tips for Growing Tomatoes in the Mid-Atlantic

    As many gardeners know, growing tomatoes in the Mid-Atlantic can be difficult. Diseases and pests can afflict any vegetable, but it seems to be most frustrating when that happens to…

  • tomato harvest

    Fine Gardening’s Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes

    Is there anything more magical than the first perfectly ripe tomato of summer? If you have harvested this iconic summer fruit from your own plants, you know it is one…

  • Celebrity tomato

    The Best Tomatoes for the Southeast

    Many people’s first foray into gardening begins with a tomato. But not everyone is successful on their first go-around. The southeastern United States brings with it its own unique challenges…

  • Design

    Eva’s Vegetable Garden Beauty

    Today we’re visiting with Eva in southern New Hampshire. (See more on her Instagram.) I’m a 28-year-old mother of two. I’ve been gardening for the last four years. I started…

  • Article

    5 Terrific Tomatoes for Northern California

    There’s nothing like the psychological boost obtained when planting the first tomato of the year out in the garden - the touch of fragrant foliage, the joy of watching your…

  • How-To

    A Review of Tomato Gadgets

    When it comes to growing tomatoes, everyone wants to grow the first, the biggest, and the most. And while growing tomatoes isn’t that hard, numerous pitfalls and setbacks can beset…

  • Collection

    All About Growing Tomatoes

    Nothing says summer like a fresh sun-warmed tomato from the garden. If you love tomatoes and want to grow your own, but aren't sure where to start, this is the…

  • tomato MD app
    Kitchen Gardening

    How to Diagnose Tomato Problems

    If you’ve ever wondered what’s wrong with your tomato plants, you need Tomato MD. This easy-to-use interactive app takes the guesswork out of diagnosing 35 different problems that affect tomato…