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Eva’s Vegetable Garden Beauty

Garden bounty almost too lovely to eat

Today we’re visiting with Eva in southern New Hampshire. (See more on her Instagram.)

I’m a 28-year-old mother of two. I’ve been gardening for the last four years. I started off with a small 4-foot-square garden bed and slowly expanded. Now I’m not only gardening in my backyard, but I’ve teamed up with my mom to grow flowers and vegetables at a community garden in Hudson, New Hampshire.

My primary motivation for gardening is to feed my family local, organic food throughout the year. This is challenging, given that we live in Zone 5B, but we have started learning how to preserve food for the winter months.

My favorite crops to grow are greens (collards, kale, amaranth, Swiss chard, mustard greens), tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. A recent favorite is zinnias. I was reluctant to grow flowers because it was such unfamiliar territory, but I’ve come to love them. Plus, they attract bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators!

A lot of what I’ve learned about gardening has been from my mom. She’s an avid gardener who isn’t afraid to take chances and try new things. She has an abundant amount of wisdom. Gardening has given us the opportunity to bond in ways we never could have imagined, and I’m so glad to have family I can share this experience with.

I’ve also gained so much knowledge from the online gardening community, especially Instagram. I’ve met so many kind, knowledgeable, wise, and talented individuals who have so much to share and give the best advice.

Lastly, I’d like to give a big shout out to my husband. He has motivated me, assisted me on countless projects, put up with my antics, and supported me every step of the way.

My goals for the future include learning more sustainable ways of growing food. I would also love to someday work on a farm and down the line to own a farm.

I love inspiring others to grow their own food and to experience the joy of gardening.

Black Beauty tomatoThese ‘Black Beauty’ tomatoes are almost too pretty to eat.

Eva’s mom with the first big tomato harvest of the season.

Costoluto Fiorentino tomatoA big harvest of the beautiful tomato ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’.

A zinnia in bloom, with a visiting moth.

jalapenosA handful of jalapeños

sunflowerA sunflower in bloom, feeding bees and other pollinators.

Brads Atomic Grape tomatoThis unusual tomato, ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’, is not only beautiful; Eva also says it is by far the best-tasting tomato she’s ever tried.

amaranth greensHarvest from the garden (plus a few gifts from neighbors at the community garden) with beautiful and delicious amaranth greens in the middle.


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  1. Maggieat11 08/24/2020

    Wonderful! And loved your story and send along best wishes to you to hopefully have your own farm some day.

  2. Carolyn3134 08/24/2020

    Absolutely wonderful! I love, Love, LOVE everything you are doing!!! May your future brim with abundance!!

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 08/24/2020

    Really great! Love this.

  4. bunny2luv 08/24/2020

    Wow, my mouth waters when I see your gorgeous tomatoes! Hard work for sure, but what a bounteous harvest, both in veggies and in your family experience. Best of luck to you and your family!

  5. User avater
    simplesue 08/24/2020

    Those Black Beauty Tomatoes are soooooo beautiful- they even outshine the pretty zinnia photo!

  6. moyra_b 08/24/2020

    Your photographs are gorgeous! The love of your garden shines in every one!

  7. btucker9675 08/24/2020

    Wow - those tomatoes and the perfect jalapenos!!! My mouth is watering! Congratulations on such such successful gardens and on providing such beautiful, healthy food to your family and neighbors. A fabulous story all around!

  8. User avater
    cynthia2020 08/24/2020

    I love your garden story and how you and your family share your strengths.

    ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’ tomato sounds so intriguing!

  9. user-7020748 08/24/2020

    Your photos are not only beautiful but mouth watering. You are an inspiration.

  10. Musette1 08/24/2020

    Lovely! What a nice way to connect with friends and family, as well. I also see a LOT of canning in your near future ;-)

  11. Sunshine111 08/24/2020

    Hello beautiful girl! I live in Hooksett, not that far from you. I am so amazed by your wonderful bounty. I wish I was closer so that we could visit

  12. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/24/2020

    What an uplifting GPOD. Love the photos and the positive message.

  13. cheryl_c 08/24/2020

    Your gardens are bountiful, and your vegetables and flowers beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I'm going to have to try the 'atomic grape!' I didn't realize they got so big.

  14. User avater
    bdowen 08/24/2020

    Love these beautiful photos, gorgeous vegetables and the joy of gardening in your Mom's face as she's holding that wonderful collection of tomatoes. More info on the varieties you grow and like best?

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