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  • Gardener’s Supply Company’s classic garden cart

    Essential Tools for Gardening

    There are several tools that every gardener should have. Here are the basics as well as some items that can go on your wish list. More Beginner Content: Easiest Plants…

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    Battery Power 101

    The biggest disruption to a garden’s peace and serenity typically is the exhaust-laden cacophony of power equipment. Happily, today’s new battery-powered outdoor power equipment offers a quieter, more convenient, more…

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    Top 20 Gardening Tools

    I can’t remember how many trowels I’ve owned/broken over the years. I have an unmatched ability to shorten the life of any gardening implement used for digging. In my defense,…

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    The Comprehensive Way to Sharpen Pruners

    Ten minutes spent with a diamond file and your blades will cut like new

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    Wheel Meet Again…

    The wheelbarrow - one of the simplest and yet most important tools ever invented by man.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Tools for Working the Soil

    Forget the rototiller. An experienced gardener recommends five tried-and-true hand tools for preparing seedbeds and moving dirt around.