garden projects

  • formal garden courtyard with fountain and small seating area

    Terri’s New Garden Project

    Today’s photos are from Terri Bennink. We were not able to really work on the front and side yard, as there was a giant sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua, Zones 5–9)…

  • finished garden viewed from a second floor window

    Sallie’s Pandemic Garden Project

    Sallie Boge is sharing her garden with us today. We garden in Riverside, a nearby suburb of Chicago (Zone 5a–6b). In April 2020 we constructed two new 11x16 garden beds…

  • grow cuttings for gifts

    Growing Cuttings for Gifts

    If you’d like to learn how to propagate new plants from cuttings, the best way is to just go ahead and give it a try. In this video, you’ll see…

  • wreath composed of lot of different berries, branches, pinecones, and foliage

    Winter Wreath Making

    Friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong makes beautiful wreaths each year for the holiday season, and today she is sharing a bunch of beautiful ones with us. She made all…

  • whimsical elf house built on a tree stump with blue door and trim

    Creative Recycling in a Woodland Garden

    My name is Paul Brothe, and I live and garden in Newburgh, New York. (See a previous visit to this garden.) In 2020, I cleared an overgrown part of my…

  • grandchild in the garden

    Gardening Through a Difficult Year

    Today we’re in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, visiting with Kim Herdman. The year 2020 was very stressful for everyone with the pandemic, and for us the pandemic just made…

  • Design

    Shelter-at-Home Garden Projects

    Today’s photos come from Karen Howe, who is sharing some of the things she's been up to during this year of staying home and staying safe. I garden on a…

  • Design

    How to Build a Strawberry Tower

    Standing tall among low growing vegetables, this Strawberry Tower is both decorative and functional.

  • building a garden arbor

    Build a Sturdy Arbor

    A weekend’s work and a few pieces of lumber yield a handsome home for vines

  • Kitchen Gardening

    DIY Soil Sifter

    Here's a DIY project that will help you separate your soil