Garden Ponds

  • garden patio next to a small man-made pond

    Sheila’s Vermont Garden in Spring

    Yesterday we explored the wild side of Vermont with Sheila, today she's sharing what spring looks like in her garden. I garden in northern Vermont, Zones 4–5 and recently took…

  • view of long driveway and surrounding gardens

    The Walshes’ Garden in Ontario

    Linda Walsh is sharing photos with us today. We’ve visited this beautiful garden before, which started as nothing but a few old pine trees and some poison ivy (Linda Terry's Garden…

  • backyard garden with orange flowers and lots of foliage plants

    July in Tingshu’s Back Garden

    We’re back in Massachusetts today, visiting Tingshu Hu’s garden. We saw her front garden in July yesterday, and today we’re moving to the back garden in high summer. Early morning…

  • close up of rain garden swale and pond surrounded by plants

    Helen’s Mostly Native Garden

    My name is Helen Stephenson, and I have been gardening in the Halton Region of Ontario for over 20 years. For the past 10 years I have tried to plant…

  • close up of purple and white flowers

    More from Chad and Seyra in Connecticut

    We’re visiting with Chad and Seyra Hammond in Woodbury, Connecticut, today. We stopped by their beautiful garden last week (Chad and Seyra's Garden), and I’m happy to be back there…

  • garden pond waterfall

    A Garden Jay Made in North Carolina

    We’re visiting with Jay Sifford today. We’ve visited his personal gardens in North Carolina before (Summer in Jay's Garden), but today he’s sharing a garden he created for one of…

  • backyard garden full of greenery

    Sharon’s Pennsylvania Garden, Part 2

    We’re back today with Sharon Danovich Lupone, visiting her garden in Pittsburgh, where she likes to create spaces that remind her of her favorite gardens in places like Charleston, South…

  • goldfish in a pond with lily pads

    Tom’s Pond

    Tom Fisher is sharing his Buffalo, New York, garden with us today, including a feature in the garden that is popular with all sorts of visitors. We have a very…

  • Design

    A Memory Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Nikki Byer, who has used gardening to help find comfort after a tragic loss. I have been gardening my whole life and have a large perennial…

  • water garden with plants

    Q&A: Keeping Water Gardens Mosquito-Free

    How do you keep a water garden from attracting mosquitoes? I’d love to have one, but I don’t want the bugs. —Eva Carlow, Iowa City, Iowa John Bueglas, entomologist and…