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  • neem in the garden

    What to Know About Using Neem in the Garden

    Neem is often brought up in any discussion of garden pests and diseases, but is it all good? Learn more about using neem in the garden here.

  • garden pests in the us

    12 Common Garden Pests in the United States and How to Control Them

    Most insects raise no concern when spotted in the garden. In fact, many are welcome guests that we invite with an array of plants they love to visit. But we…

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    35 Pest and Disease Remedies

    by Sharon Lovejoy   I’ve found that awareness and a quick response are two of the best allies against garden foes. By knowing my plants, as well as their pests and…

  • How-To

    Raised Bed Pest Cover

    If you have a raised bed garden, here's an "add-on" you can build to keep most pests from munching on your plants. You're basically building a "lid" that fits on…

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    Much Ado About Moles

    Moles are much maligned, delicate creatures that improve the soil, eat many pest insects, and get blamed for damage they do not cause.