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  • garden cart with new plants

    4 Easy Ways to Improve the Look of Your Garden

    Your garden designs are put to the test throughout the growing season. Even when you are in the thick of the midseason rush, it is worth taking time to assess…

  • Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden
    Kitchen Gardening

    Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden

    Gardening season is here! Now is the time to get out your garden gloves and tackle your veggie garden needs. Planting, mulching, and general tending are on the calendar, and…

  • perennial grasses

    Dividing Perennial Grasses

    As we head into early spring weather and our perennial, ornamental grasses start to show new growth, this is the ideal time to divide these plants. Division of grasses, and…

  • propping shed door open

    Gardening Advice for Summer

    Winning tip: Keep those doors open My work-shed doors are spring loaded to help keep them closed. The problem was keeping them open when I was moving a mower or…

  • Tubtrug

    This Handy Tool Makes Garden Maintenance a Snap

    By far and away, the 20-gallon recycled tubtrug from Gardener’s Supply is one of my favorite garden tools. I have owned three of these heavy-duty tubtrugs for decades. They have…

  • medium-duty thinning shears

    These Shears Are an Essential for Tidying Your Garden

    My medium-duty bonsai thinning shears from Joshua Roth (model #133) are the best all-around snipping shears I’ve ever used and might be the most-loved and most-used gardening tool that I…

  • Purple owls clover

    Regenerative Gardening Practices in Southern California

    You may have heard the term “regenerative” as it applies to farming. Regenerative agriculture is the conservation of land through processes that improve our soil, preserve our water, and enhance…

  • How-To

    Northern Plains October Garden To-Do List

    Mulch in place. Keeping up with the raking and blowing of leaves in the fall can be a never-ending task, especially when every breeze in our windy region brings in…

  • How-To

    Garden Maintenance for the Heat of Late Summer

    Summers in the Southern Plains can be real scorchers. While gardeners in more northern climates are forced to rest their gardens completely for a long winter spell, those of us…

  • How-To

    Six Tips for Effective Weed Control

    Proven methods for controlling weeds in your garden