Garden Color

  • garden with bright orange and red flowers

    Favorites in Francis’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Francis's garden in Hartsdale, New York. My hybrid hardy hibiscus (Zones 5–9) is a cross I made with the variety ‘Kopper King’. In front a phlox (Phlox…

  • pink and purple flowers around terra cotta pots

    Volunteers in Catherine’s Garden

    We’re visiting Catherine’s Dickerson’s garden today in San Diego. We’ve visited before (A Little Slice of Heaven in San Diego), and it is always a pleasure to see what is…

  • meadow garden at sunset

    Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places | Letter from the Editor

    One of the worst parts of being a garden editor/photographer is visiting gorgeous spaces around North America and not being able to share the experience in real time with anyone…

  • close up of bright pink hibiscus flower

    Garden Sights From Maureen

    Maureen Budney, in North Reading, Massachusetts, is a talented amateur photographer and often shares the sights she captures with us. I love how this photo of a hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus…

  • garden color advice

    Expert Design Advice: Color Can Make or Break Your Garden

    Most people don’t want a garden that looks like a crayon box exploded, with every color under the sun scattered about and no rhyme or reason to the design. Yet…

  • Design

    Simplify Your Color Scheme

    Taking a disciplined approach lets you harmonize your plant palette without stifling diversity