garden beds

  • garden with deep borders

    Designing Deep Garden Beds for Privacy and Interest in Your Outdoor Space

    When I moved to Michigan 13 years ago, I was ­excited by the endless plant possibilities afforded by my new Zone 6 location. Compared to the secluded 5-acre garden I…

  • garden geometry

    Use Geometry to Create a Beautiful Garden Plan

    I first met Shirley Williams in 1994 while attending a landscape-design charette. These classes were conducted at several of the participants’ home gardens, including at Brigham Hill Farm, where Shirley…

  • Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    5 Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    An interesting, structural layout like the one in this garden deserves interesting, structural plants. The following selections, which grow in prominent areas of the zigzag bed, provide bold accents through…

  • Article

    The Year in Carolyn’s Garden

    Carolyn Hirning, in New Albany, Ohio, went through her photos from the year and is sharing some of her favorites with us today. To begin with, my neighbor's chickens were…

  • Article

    Keegan’s Maryland Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Keegan Clifford, who is a vegetable gardener extraordinaire, producing huge amounts of beautiful produce. Keegan lives in Middletown, Maryland (Zone 7), a small town with just…

  • Design

    Gardening for 50+ Years

    Today we’re visiting with Linda Colson in New Jersey. I have gardened on the Cape between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in Cape May County, New Jersey, for…

  • Design

    Hydrangeas, Daylilies, and More in Virginia

    Today we’re visiting Teresa Maxey’s garden in Chester, Virginia. I’ve been an avid gardener for more than 40 years. I started this garden from scratch 21 years ago. I first…

  • Design

    Summer in Ontario

    Today we’re in Sweaburg, Ontario, Canada, visiting the beautiful garden of Alice Fleurkens. She’s shared pictures of her garden before; if you want to see more, check out these previous…

  • How-To

    A Stylish Raised Bed Almost Anyone Can Build

    By now, we all know the perks of raised beds. They are an aesthetically pleasing way to grow edibles and cut flowers. Because they are essentially large containers, you can…

  • Miss Willmott’s ghost and ‘El Nino’ hosta

    Create a Garden with Cohesiveness

    Have you ever noticed that the best gardens have a seamless continuity? These spaces, which are often featured in gardening books and magazines, always seem to flow together beautifully because…