Foliage Garden

  • entire view of garden with large stone border

    Bob’s Japanese-Style Garden

    We recently visited Bob and Linda Vivian’s beautiful Pennsylvania garden (Gardening in Pennsylvania), and today Bob is welcoming us back to take a tour of their Japanese-style garden. This view…

  • shrub with glossy leaves and white flowers

    Johanna’s South Carolina Garden

    Today we’re in Aiken, South Carolina, visiting with Johanna Smith. Lots of evergreen shrubs make for a landscape that looks good all year and requires minimal work to maintain. These…

  • garden with lots of varied foliage and no flowers

    A French Garden in the UK

    Today we’re off to the UK to visit with Fabrice. Hello, my name is Fabrice. I am French and live in the UK. I acted in France for a long…

  • Design

    A Cohesive Garden Built From Uncommon Plants

    If I were to describe my garden as a collector’s garden, what would come to mind? Would you see an attractive, relaxing garden? Someplace you’d like to be? Or would…

  • Design

    A Garden Built on Foliage

    My name is John Cannon, and I garden in Madison, Wisconsin, Zones 4b–5a. I have been gardening on this residential lot for more than 30 years, and I am working…