Foliage Garden

  • entire view of garden with large stone border

    Bob’s Japanese-Style Garden

    We recently visited Bob and Linda Vivian’s beautiful Pennsylvania garden (Gardening in Pennsylvania), and today Bob is welcoming us back to take a tour of their Japanese-style garden. This view…

  • shrub with glossy leaves and white flowers

    Johanna’s South Carolina Garden

    Today we’re in Aiken, South Carolina, visiting with Johanna Smith. Lots of evergreen shrubs make for a landscape that looks good all year and requires minimal work to maintain. These…

  • garden with lots of varied foliage and no flowers

    A French Garden in the UK

    Today we’re off to the UK to visit with Fabrice. Hello, my name is Fabrice. I am French and live in the UK. I acted in France for a long…

  • Design

    A Cohesive Garden Built From Uncommon Plants

    If I were to describe my garden as a collector’s garden, what would come to mind? Would you see an attractive, relaxing garden? Someplace you’d like to be? Or would…

  • Design

    A Garden Built on Foliage

    My name is John Cannon, and I garden in Madison, Wisconsin, Zones 4b–5a. I have been gardening on this residential lot for more than 30 years, and I am working…

  • Ural false spirea, ‘Sum and Substance’ hosta, Hellebore, Variegated petasites and cinnamon fern help you design with green

    Designing With Green

    This ubiquitous color, when used well, can be just as exciting as vibrant flowers