Fast Fillers

  • perennial hole fillers

    Perennial Hole Fillers for Your Region

    As horticulturist and author Jennifer Benner discusses in her article on fast fillers, we all have problem areas in the garden. Sometimes it's a plant that was victim to a…

  • potted plant on a path surrounded by soft colored plantings

    Lessons Learned From a 25-Year-Old Garden

    Mary and Lew Reid never looked back after abandoning a beautiful established garden to start from scratch. But when you’re moving from a densely shaded garden at the foot of…

  • A mature-looking garden full of plants with an umbrella, stone wall and small stone patio

    A Garden That’s Younger Than It Looks

    They never weeded a bed or planted a seed, but our four teenagers were heartbroken to leave the big garden of their childhood. Why couldn’t we wait 10 years? Where…