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  • late fall perennials

    Perennials That Bloom Through Late Fall

    As the weather starts to cool in midfall, many flower beds drift into a slump. The mighty summer bloomers have declined and gone to seed, and there aren’t many plants…

  • large camellia shrub covered in pink flowers

    Fall Joy

    Today we’re in Virginia visiting with Amy Birdsong. (See a previous post from her here: Lessons from Amy's Garden.) Hello, Fine Gardening! I’ve figured out why I love fall gardens so…

  • close up of bright yellow japanese maple

    Fall in Carla’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Carla Zambelli Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful late October day after several gloomy days. I’ve been busy in the garden, and I even…

  • Episode 122: The Most Colorful Fall Plants

    Episode 122: The Most Colorful Fall Plants

    Depending on where you live in North America, fall in the garden can bring anything from a flood of vibrant color to just the slightest hint of a new hue.…

  • gate covered in vines that leads to lush garden

    Autumn in a UK Garden

    We’re back again today with photos taken by Maria Savoskula of the Stockcross House garden where Istvan Dudas is part-time head gardener. Istvan has shared photos of his work with…

  • black-eyed Susan next to pink sedum and ajuga foliage

    Embracing Fall With Maxine

    Today’s photos come from Maxine's garden in Rotterdam, New York. It's so sad to watch the garden go dormant. Yet I love the fall colors. There was still a lot…

  • perennials with fall flowers

    Perennials With Fall Flowers for the Northeast

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that many of our perennial borders in the Northeast become less exciting in late summer and fall; after all, most of us only buy perennials…

  • unusual fall perennials

    9 Extraordinary Fall-Blooming Perennials for the Autumnal Garden

    Fall is a wonderful time in the garden. The cool, crisp air encourages plants toward dormancy; perennial foliage starts to yellow and wither as deciduous trees paint the landscape with…

  • plant with white flowers in front of pink hydrangea

    Robin’s New Hampshire Garden

    Today we’re in Kensington, New Hampshire, visiting with Robin Hess. Here are some photos from my seacoast New Hampshire garden this September. I have been gardening for about four years…

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    Fall in North Carolina

    Today we’re visiting with Robin Sams, who has been gardening on this property in northeastern North Carolina for 10 years. I planted these cleomes (Cleome hassleriana, annual) and zinnias (Zinnia…