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  • wide view of a chartreuse and white garden

    Lessons from Amy’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Amy Birdsong’s garden in Virginia. Two years ago I became serious about restoring and improving our property, which up until then my husband had valiantly been taking…

  • Magma heuchera

    ‘Magma’ Heuchera Will Have You Going Gaga for Foliage

    Yes, we all want flowers whenever and wherever we can get them, but don’t forget that foliage plants are your stalwart garden workhorses. With this knockout heuchera, you get the…

  • evergreen plant

    Intriguing Evergreens for the Northwest Garden

    I love a cold frosty morning. It’s lovely to wander the garden (coffee in hand to keep my fingers warm) looking for new views of winter magic. This is the…

  • conifers

    Everything You Need to Know About Conifers

    What is a conifer? We think of it as an evergreen plant with needle-like foliage, but a conifer is simply a plant that bears cones. And not all conifers are…

  • holly with orange berries

    The Best Hollies for the Northeast

    Holly (Ilex spp. and cvs., Zones 5–9) remains underused in many gardens in the Northeast, yet few trees and shrubs offer as many benefits as hollies do. The popular English…

  • Article

    Gardening at Ocean Beach Park in Connecticut

    My name is Diane Smith, and I am a member of the 20-person Beautification Committee in New London, Connecticut. This is a city-appointed board, and we are all volunteers with…

  • canna in a late season garden

    The Magical World of Bill and Linda Pinkham’s Garden

    Today’s post is from Amy Birdsong, who is sharing with us a trip she took to an amazing private garden in Virginia. Bill and Linda Pinkham are artists, daylily breeders,…

  • odd shaped conifer

    Conifers in Dale’s Garden

    Today Dale Dailey (whom we've visited before: Dale's Garden in 2020) is sharing some special conifers. Coniferous trees and shrubs have a special place in our garden located near Lansing,…

  • front yard garden in spring

    Alice’s Front Garden in Canada

    Today Alice Fleurkens is sharing her Sweaburg, Ontario, garden with us. We’ve visited Alice’s garden before, so if you’d like to see more, check out these posts: Good Friends Make…

  • long-term garden design

    Expert Design Advice: Think Long-Term When Planning Your Garden

    When it comes to big-ticket items, like a patio that will define a key outdoor room, irrigation that must be installed before anything else, or slow-growing evergreens that will be…