• broadleaf evergreens

    Exciting Broadleaf Evergreens

    There are few groups of plants more valuable in the garden than broadleaf evergreens. They give the garden structure and interest when not much else is going on. This varied…

  • Uncommon Holly, Winterberry, and Inkberry

    10 Uncommon Holly, Winterberry, and Inkberry Varieties to Spark Winter Garden Interest

    Why is it that some people think the thrill of the growing season is over ­after the first frost? For those of us who grow Ilex cultivars (Zones 4–9), the…

  • flowering evergreen plant

    Flowering Evergreens for the Shade Garden

    Evergreen plants contribute life, texture, and color to the landscape all year long. But these plants are particularly valuable during the winter months when deciduous branches are bare, most of…

  • wide view of a chartreuse and white garden

    Lessons from Amy’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Amy Birdsong’s garden in Virginia. Two years ago I became serious about restoring and improving our property, which up until then my husband had valiantly been taking…

  • Cherry laurel leaf covered in ice

    Ice Storm in Laura’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Laura. After a sudden drop in temperature, my suburban Philadelphia garden was transformed with a shimmering coating of ice. Without much forethought but with my cell…

  • stone front steps with lots of plants on both sides

    Gardening in Pennsylvania

    Today Bob and Linda Vivian are sharing their Pennsylvania garden with us. There’s plenty of garden here to keep Linda and me busy. We don’t mind it at all. It’s…

  • evergreen plant

    Intriguing Evergreens for the Northwest Garden

    I love a cold frosty morning. It’s lovely to wander the garden (coffee in hand to keep my fingers warm) looking for new views of winter magic. This is the…

  • conifers

    Everything You Need to Know About Conifers

    What is a conifer? We think of it as an evergreen plant with needle-like foliage, but a conifer is simply a plant that bears cones. And not all conifers are…

  • Article

    Cherry’s Winter Garden Decor

    Regular GPOD contributor Cherry Ong from British Columbia today is sharing some of her gardening projects for the winter, looking back at what she did last year in order to…

  • Collection

    Exciting Evergreens for Your Region

    Evergreens are crucial to achieving varied texture and form, as well as the key to any successful four-season garden. Unfortunately, many gardeners would put a lot of evergreens in the…