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    5 Simple Steps for Creating a More Eco-friendly Garden

    For years I’ve heard the same refrain: You can’t have a good-looking garden that is also eco-friendly. It seems that many folks think native plants are too wild looking and…

  • Reimagining Curb Appeal Garden Tour

    Tour a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Front-Yard Garden

    Lou and Dell Salza’s front yard in Shaker Heights, Ohio, is living proof that a garden can be both beautiful and ecologically functional. Making the most of a modestly sized…

  • eco-friendly front garden

    Replace a Front Lawn With a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Garden

    Shaker Heights is a historic Ohio community known for stately homes, majestic trees, and expansive lawns. But along a side street, you will find a sight quite rare in most…

  • How-To

    Earth-Friendly Containers

    The dirty secret of gardening is that there is an aspect of the hobby that is terrible for the environment—namely, the plastic pots that dominate the nursery industry. It’s a…

  • How-To

    Biodegradable Pots: What You Need to Know

    How fast do alternative plant containers break down, and do they inhibit root growth? These are common questions when talking about biocontainers. Decomposition of an ecofriendly container depends on many…

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    How Sustainable Is Your Landscape?

    Smart gardeners everywhere are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon. And when you consider all the payoffs of a sustainable landscape, it’s not hard to understand why. It typically uses less…

  • Purple and chartreuse form the backbone of the color scheme.

    A Garden That Has It All

    My husband and I moved into our house in November nine years ago. I recall the weather vividly because, instead of starting my new journey indoors with painting walls and…

  • fountain surrounded by plants

    Designing a Tranquil Garden

    My ideal garden is a serene place, one in which I feel connected to the natural world through rich, sensory experiences. It is a place that generates a sense of…

  • illustration showing the food forest model in natural layers

    Earth-Friendly Gardening

    The first time I visited an established permaculture homestead, I felt an immediate connection to the way of life embodied in that special place. This well-designed living environment was also…

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    Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

    Sustainable approaches decrease chores and increase enjoyment