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  • red flowers next to plant with red foliage

    Gardening in Northern Colorado

    Today’s photos are from Bryan Fischer, who gardens in northern Colorado and embraces the dry climate there to create beautiful gardens. Volunteers help Bryan keep the shortgrass section of his…

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    Perennials That Thrive in the High Desert

    The high desert has amazingly diverse landscapes and vegetation, but one thing is for sure: there is no shortage of gorgeous perennials to choose from. We chatted with David Salman,…

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    Plants for High and Very Dry Mountain Gardens

    Rocky Mountain gardeners are a hardy bunch, gardening in some of the most inhospitable parts of the United States, with unpredictable swings in weather patterns and a persistent threat of…

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    Inspiration From a Mediterranean Garden

    Today’s photos are from Cherry Ong's recent visit to Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, Canada. You’ve probably seen photos of parts of the garden, but Cherry is treating us to…