• Design

    Dodging the Deer with Containers

    I am Surinder Chadha, I live in Old Tappan in northern New Jersey. Gardening has been my hobby since childhood. In Old Tappan, we are overrun by deer, chipmunks, and…

  • Design

    Plants the Deer Don’t Eat

    Susan Esche has been facing the same problem as many gardeners: hungry deer. My rural garden near a lake is becoming increasingly popular with the local deer, and this is…

  • Design

    A Design That Defies Deer and Drought

    Julia Zarcone and David Patmore have been embracing the green movement for most of their lives. Their home sits on a 3-acre hilltop in Los Altos Hills outside of the…

  • Article

    Made for Shade

    Today’s photos come from Karen Holmen: I am a long-time gardener in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. What started as a small backyard garden has grown over many years to a…

  • How-To

    Effective Deer Deterrents

    Observe the yearly patterns of deer and target your controls accordingly

  • Article

    15 Deer-Resistant Plants

    John Van Etten, former grounds superintendent at the Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York, recommends 15 plants that deer won't eat; your experience, of course, may differ. For a…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Oh, Deer

    Is there any way to prevent crop razing? Topics discussed in this article include dogs, repellents, behavior modification, and fences.