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    Unique Deciduous Trees for the Southeast

    I recently drove through a new subdivision in my city. Every new house came with a brand-new tree in the front yard. The contractor special everyone got was a repeat…

  • Design

    Winter Interest in New England

    Today’s photos come from Barbara Cain. Hello and happy spring! I’d like to share some photos of the plants I have incorporated into my garden for winter interest. Normally the…

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    Terrific Small Trees for Yards of Any Size

    Trees add beauty and curb appeal to your garden. They increase your property value, bring year-round structure, and provide habitat for wildlife. There’s no doubt planting a tree is a…

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    Beautiful Bark on Deciduous Trees

    Come winter, when gardens go quiet in the Northeast, most of us become so hard up for visual stimulation that we finally get excited about tree bark. Now that our…

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    Firescaping: Plants That Help Protect Your Property From Fire

    Whether or not a plant will catch on fire, keep a fire going, and then propel a fire is determined by its physical characteristics. Less flammable plants, those considered fire…

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    3 Easy Hardwood Cutting Methods

    Create more of your favorite trees and shrubs with these unique methods